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Minding your business, finding your brand.

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Why This Stuff Matters

Talk to some business owners about branding and their eyes will gloss over. To them, branding is some vague term that gets tossed around by Madison Avenue types when talking about million dollar commercials on Super Bowl Sunday. And that’s a shame. Because a well-developed brand can be among your best assets no matter what size you are. A strong brand is one that consumers will inherently trust. It helps them know who you are, what your business values are and what they can expect when they do business with you. That knowledge (which is the essence of a good brand) translates to loyalty in the form of both repeat business as-well-as recommending your business by name. All of which enables you to generate a price structure that could be well above what your competitors can charge.

faces of vision

Consumers are faced with many choices. We'll make sure your brand is head and shoulders above the rest.

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It Defies Definition

The dictionary defines advertising as ‘the act or practice of calling public attention to one's product, service, need, etc., especially by paid announcements.’ While we are big fans of the dictionary (and copy in general), that type of talk is best reserved for marketing classes and talking heads. In the real world, advertising means doing whatever it takes to get the product (yours) and person (your target) on the same page. Whether it’s developing an integrated campaign, devising a comprehensive direct response plan, or navigating the intricacies of a multi-platform media plan, we’ve been there, done that and will do it for you. From the moment you start out, we’ll make sure you, your product and your big moment stand out. Which is really what advertising is all about, and a process that tends to defy definition.

the new social study

We'll make sure you're in on the next big thing before big happens.

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The Social Paradox

On the one hand, social media has become an essential part of everyone’s marketing mix. Those who ignore this new media do so at their own peril. Yet it also seems that companies and trends can come and go before most of the population even knows what they are. So the question becomes—how do you keep your company engaged with your customers with fresh, relevant content? You could hire a small staff, surf the web by day, troll coffee houses by night and keep your fingers crossed that you’re seeing it all…or you could let us do it for you. From keeping up on your multiple social channels by creating eye-catching visual content to writing blogs to navigating and decoding analytics, we’ll keep you ahead of the curve even if none of us knows where the next turn will take us.



know news is great news

We'll work behind the scenes to
make sure you get seen.

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Media Matters

There’s a great shroud surrounding Public Relations. Most people know what it is…but have no idea how to make it happen. Well, allow us to share a secret: Public Relations is not complicated…but, it can be incredibly hard. From the initial research and knowing what questions to ask, to the creative execution and developing relevant story ideas to making the right calls, at the right time, to the right people. Not to mention being able to pivot at a moment’s notice to make sure your product is relevant and your message is timely. The truth is, Public Relations is a demanding mix across many skills sets, including intangibles like experience, expertise and contacts. Fortunately we’ve got more than a half-century experience doing all the little things to make sure the one big thing happens—that our clients are making news. So if you’re looking to make a little news—or a lot—make sure your first call is to us. We’ll do the hard work so that your story finds a soft spot in the modern media mix.

old hands at new media

we stay-up-late to stay up-to-date
so you don't have to.

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Sure It Looks Cool…But What’s Under the Hood?

We get it. Websites are cool. Banner ads are slick. Apps are all the rage. Yes we do those things and we do them well. And while this high-profile stuff grabs attention and wins awards (as it should), it’s the “under the hood stuff” that grabs customers and pays the bills. By partnering with some of the top names in the online space—including 24/7 Real Media and Mindset Media—we get under the hood to generate highly-detailed demographic, psychographic and behavioral user profiles for your site… and then we deliver them to your digital doorstep. But it doesn’t end with a visit or sale. We also have the intellectual and analytical tools to help you collect and sift thru the data generated, and then monetize it to maximize your digital investment. Whether you’re targeting C-level users, B2B type buyers or looking to make a splash with a good old fashion B2C relationship, we’ll give you creative execution to stand out, and the business acumen to stand above.

are you in the know?

Everyone has an opinion, but only the enlightened have the facts.

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Market Research

We are living in the golden age of information. Big data, meta data, predictive data, it’s all there in the background, shaping the way we interact with the world around us. Yet for all the analytics we have at our fingertips, the most intimate data we have at our disposal often overlooked. Market research, targeted studies and the omnipresent focus group testing will tell you far more about what are, aren’t and should be doing than any other form of data. At Blakeslee, we’re firm believers in the power of knowledge. But we also understand that not all knowledge is created equal. When we initiate a research inactive, we ask the right questions, to the right people, in the right way. Because right makes might. Once you know what’s important to your target market, then you know how to target them.


what we do

  • Just Beyond Definition

    We’ll let you call us an ‘advertising agency’ if you’ll let us stretch the term just a bit. Because that definition comes up a little short… and there’s so much more that we do. We create action, by creating ideas that intrigue and inspire. We initiate public relations… by initiating a relationship between you and your audience. We put you online… by putting your ideas into a format that captivates viewers and captures the imagination. In short, we do more… by doing all those things you wish your agency did. So really, you can call us whatever you want… but it all starts with you calling us. Blakeslee… just beyond definition.

  • Branding

    You can’t see it, touch it, but it’s your most valuable asset. It’s your brand and it’s everything and nothing. It’s not necessarily what you do, but how you do it. It’s not what you say, but how you say it. It’s not about what you think, but what’s thought about you. Branding is all of the above…and still that’s just the beginning. A healthy brand is one that consumers will inherently trust, and that translates to loyalty in the form of word-of-mouth. It’s a surefire way to make sure that your customers are asking for you by name, and not just the closest option. Your brand is the most valuable thing you make…we’ll make sure it works for you.
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  • Advertising

    Creating standout advertising is equal parts art and science. At Blakeslee, we’re masters at blending creative flair with business acumen to make sure your message gets noticed. We’ll give your ad the stopping power it needs to start something big. Your product or service speaks for itself…we’ll help make sure it gets heard.
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  • Social Media

    Social media is a fickle field within the marketing mix. It offers an unmatched end run around the traditional brand barriers that exist between company and customer. Yet without a deft tone and a nuanced approach, social can create an impasse that could do irreparable damage to a brand. At Blakeslee, we’re well versed in social. We’ll help you talk the talk so you can take a walk on the social side…and put the full power of social media to work for you.
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  • Public Relations

    Generating mass-market reach-and-frequency—especially in today’s economic climate—can be challenging. In fact, many companies are sitting on the communication sideline. While unfortunate, the flip side is that there’s a vast communication vacuum just waiting to be filled. It’s a situation that’s perfectly suited for a well-executed Public Relations campaign. Often misunderstood, PR remains one of the most-powerful, cost-effective and underutilized tools at the marketer’s disposal.
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  • Digital

    We know how frustrating it can be. Staying up-to-date in the digital space can make you feel like you’re chasing your tail. Just when you think you’re where you need to be, some disruptive innovation comes along, rewrites the rules and send you scampering off in a different direction. Fortunately we’re here to help you make heads or tails out of all things digital. From website design and digital brand strategy to content development, CRM, SEO and SEM (and everything in between), we’ll help you grab the digital tiger by the tail establish a robust digital presence.
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  • Market Research

    We like to think of market research as the brains behind the beauty. It’s the intellectual roadmap that underpins all of our thinking, giving us a launching point for the development of tactical and strategic planning. This includes the coordination of brand development, market research, competitive landscaping, product planning, naming and management as-well-as partnership development. Whether it’s the numerically driven world of quantitative analysis, or the nuanced landscape of qualitative analysis, we’ll make sure you’re got the information you need to make to make the right decisions…and make some noise in the marketplace.
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what we've done

  • Clients

    We Keep Good Company


    They say you’re known by the company you keep. As we look back over the companies we’ve partnered with over the past few years, we couldn’t agree more. P.S. If you look closely, you’ll see your name is already on this list.

  • Case Studies

    Building a Case

    While we like to think our work speaks for itself, there’s no harm in giving a voice to the strategic thinking and creative execution behind it. Here’s a brief sampling of some of our recent work. As always, if you have any additional questions, just ask!

  • Portfolio

    3D animation
    3D illustration

    If we were a rock band, this would be our greatest hits. If we were sporting league, this would our all star roster. If we were a restaurant, this would be our chef’s specials. As we’re an ad agency, this is our portfolio of past work.

    Working with the Align Team, we transformed the Iron Record Challenge from a ‘niche event for existing users’ into a lead generating powerhouse that helped set sales records in 2016.

    To show the new, smaller footprint of the iTero Element Scanner, the iTeroScanner app uses the power of Augmented Reality to view the scanner in the office in real time 3D.

    Credibility is essential for any company launching a new product in the medical device space. We designed this website for Dymicron to focus on science and technology while the company accumulates clinical data.

    Unique and interesting creative approach to the benefits of higher education that infuses the element of humor. This approach stands out from the otherwise boiler plate positioning of other for-profit higher education campaigns.

  • Public Relations

    Whether you’re introducing a new technology, updating an older product or simply explaining why your widget is relevant to today’s consumer, nothing else can deliver the bang-for-the-buck of a deftly-executed Public Relations campaign.


who we are

  • Just Beyond Definition

    We’ll let you call us an ‘advertising agency’ if you’ll let us stretch the term just a bit. Because we think that definition comes up a little short…and there’s so much more that goes into what we do. We create ads, by creating ideas that intrigue and inspire. We initiate public relations…by initiating lasting relationships between your company and your audience. We put you online…by putting your ideas and ideals into a format that puts you in front of your target audience. In short, we do more…by doing all those things you wish your agency did. So really, you can call us whatever you want…but it all starts with you calling us. Blakeslee…just beyond definition.

  • About/History

    From the black-and-white days of television’s infancy to live streaming videos in the palm of your hand, Blakeslee has been around for more than seven decades. Formed in 1931 by business partners George Blakeslee and Horace Lane, they streamlined their name from Blakeslee Lane to Blakeslee in 1989. In the 70+ years since inception, we’ve helped clients in industries such as dental and health care, finance, resort and high-end real estate, fashion, retail and fast-food reach their goals. Whether creating a basic direct-response postcard, or developing a fully-integrated, multimedia campaign, the Blakeslee philosophy is based on the time-tested, venerable principle of creating an idea that makes something happen. The idea must be simple, stimulating and sticky. It must pique the curiosity, push the right buttons and pull in the customers by delivering relevant content. Blakeslee utilizes every media channel at its disposal and will—on occasion—create new channels when the status quo cannot meet our creative needs.

  • See Where Vision Can Take You

    There are many ways to describe vision. Vision is being able to see beyond the field of view. Vision is the philosophy that unites expertise with experience. Vision is knowing when to turn a blind eye to conventional wisdom…and when not to. It’s the foresight that comes from experience, the insight that comes from wisdom, and the oversight that comes from leadership.

    At Blakeslee, we believe vision is all of the above and more. Take an in-depth look at our creative and intellectual vision.

    Wisdom is Insight
    An informed client is an empowered client. The following articles are here for your benefit. (If you want to go deeper on any subject, please feel free to ask! We love talking shop.)

  • Brand Leadership

    Mark Fischer
    Chairman and CEO of Blakeslee since 1986, Mark is responsible for overall agency management and finances. He opened Blakeslee’s Utah office in Park City in 1998 and continues to oversee that office. He consults on financial and strategic structure for several of Blakeslee’s key clients. Mark’s past and present service on Boards of Directors includes Jans Mountain Outfitters, Columbus 500 Baltimore, Community Wireless (an NPR affiliate station KPCW-FM), Park City Education Foundation and Tasset, LLC. Outside the office, Mark makes it a goal to try and achieve 50 days of mountain biking and 50 days of skiing in each year.
    Duane LeVine
    President and COO of Blakeslee since 1988, Duane is responsible for account development and overall operations. He has spearheaded numerous product launches within the health care, dental, IT, financial services, fashion, travel destinations, fast food and beverage industries. Duane initiated and developed Blakeslee’s strategic brand capabilities. A graduate of Johns Hopkins University in Social & Behavioral Sciences, Duane is active in the Baltimore Business Community. A salesman at heart, he’s a frequent speaker at the collegian and professional levels. Outside the office, Duane enjoys working out and watching the NBA.
    Trudy Setree
    Vice President of Account Service, Trudy has been with Blakeslee since 1985. Trudy leads strategic planning and tactical execution of national and regional campaigns, product launches and corporate branding initiatives. Recognized internationally for her expertise in the medical and dental fields, she’s accomplished in the fields of financial services, consumer package goods, IT and luxury industries. When not in the office, Trudy is an avid photographer with a keen creative eye.
    Tom Wilson
    Creative Director since 1998, Tom blends artistic inspiration with business acumen to generate attention-grabbing communications across every medium. Founder of Madison West Studio, his experience spans the gamut—from banking to biking, clinical pharmaceuticals to candy and soda, high-end resorts to high fashion and sportswear, and everything in between. During this time, his creative has been recognized with countless professional awards and accolades. Outside the office, Tom enjoys spoiling a good walk with the inclusion of a bag, clubs and scorecard.
    Dan Reed
    Senior Copywriter for Blakeslee, Dan Reed has been involved in marketing, brand building and advertising for two decades. Uniting the results oriented conviction of direct response with a unique creative vision, he’s been an integral part of the Blakeslee team since 2005. When not in the office, he likes to spend his time running, riding and occasionally falling down Maryland’s off-road trails.


  • Meet the Team

    Phil Sieradzan
    Graphic Design/Multi-media

    Favorite quote – "Ever eat so much you feel sick? Isn't that the best?"


    Favorites - Steam Crabs and extra inning Baseball.

    Linda DiJohn
    Director of Public Relations

    Philosophy - I always root for the underdog, a trait most likely inherited from a long line of die-hard Cubs fans

    Rob Holmes

    Heart of an Artist – “My favorite color is Pink Floyd”

    Dan Dawes
    Director of Digital Media

    Previous career – “I worked as the ‘Fool the Guesser’ guy for a summer.”

    Terry Campbell
    Video Specialist

    Favorite Bad Guy – “They don’t come much badder than Christopher Walken”

    Stephanie Fischer
    Account Service

    Guilty Pleasure – “Peanut butter and marshmallow fluff sandwich ”

    Jillian Ritter
    Account Service

    Food You Could Eat Anytime – “It’s a toss up—sweet potato fries or grilled pizza”

    Adam Campbell
    Web Designer

    Secret Attire – “I still own a pair of Darth Vader Underoos”

    Danielle Baer
    Graphic Designer/Social Media

    Favorite Insect – Pyrops candelaria a.k.a. lanternfly 

    Liz Holtz
    Production Manager

    Best Concert – “Bjork at Coney Island. Right on the beach, ferris wheel and boardwalk rides in the background and a fireworks display to wrap up the show.”

    Bryce McDonald
    Director of Market Research

    Favorite Pastime – “On those rare occasions I’ve got a free moment, I’m wakeboarding”

    Cheryl Poole
    Media Buyer/Traffic

    Favorite TV Show – “I never missed an episode of Grizzly Adams when I was a kid.”

    Karen Setree
    Account Coordinator

    Favorite Activity – “I love hiking the Blue Ridge Mountains in the fall.”

    Rebecca Belt
    Account Service/ Community Manager

    Best Day – “A beach, a palm tree and a cold lime for my drink #lovinlife”

    Kim Poleski
    Director of Human Resources

    Favorite Movie – “I can watch ‘Seabiscuit’ anytime”




where we are

  • Local Service, Global Reach

    From the vibrant streets of historic Mt. Vernon to the soaring snow capped mountains of Park City, Blakeslee has no shortage of inspirational surroundings to draw from. With offices in Park City, UT and Baltimore, MD, as well as satellite offices in Seattle, Chicago and New York City, we’re everywhere you need us to be.

    Baltimore Office
    916 N. Charles Street
    Baltimore, MD 21201
    Park City Office
    1790 Bonanza Dr, Ste 275
    Park City, UT 84060
  • Put Your Talent to the Test

    At Blakeslee, there’s no I in team, but there can be a U if you’ve got what it takes. Whether you’re a keyboard-banging copy jockey, a cold-blooded graphic assassin or rogue rider of the new media landscape, if you’ve got what it takes, we’ll take a look at what you’ve got.
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what we say

  • Blog

    Latest Blog Posts Here

        Technology is the prime-mover in today’s economy. And it’s not just traditional tech companies like Apple, Google and Facebook. Technology and technological innovation are driving major sectors such as energy, healthcare and financial.   While the growth is welcome, it brings with it chaos,...
      Recently our “See the Fit” campaign was honored with two silvers and one gold in the American Advertising Awards. The integrated campaign uses augmented reality to allow users to virtually ‘place’ the new scanner anywhere in real time. The iTero® Element™...
    “Nobody reads ads. People read what interests them. Sometimes it's an ad.” Howard Gossage     Too Many Words? If you've ever looked at your ad and thought "there’s no way anyone will read all this" you’re not alone. The “how much is too much” copy question is one of the most common questions in...




Let's Do This

So here you are on the contact page. You’ve read some interesting stuff. You’ve started. And you’ve started thinking about some untapped opportunities that you want to pursue. So...let’s get the ball rolling!

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